Dual Universe

A new space MMORPG which takes place on a single shard server with no load screens. Fully mineable terrain, construct buildings, planetary vehicles and spaceships in any configuration. Game is currently in beta, it costs $5 a month to play. It's like Eve on steroids. Join our organization and help us grow into a trading empire!

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Cluster of 9 ark servers. All DLCs and several popular 3rd party maps.

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Gamemode: Survival, PvP: Enabled, Mini Structure Decay: 1 day, Offline Protection Time: 2 days

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7 Days to Die

- Auger digs through stone faster.
- Doubled size of Auger gas tank.
- 4 points per level instead of 1.
- Gain xp 25% faster.
- Toolgun repairs/upgrades 50% faster.

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We also host a number of temporary servers for various games. You can find the list in Temporary Servers->#server-list our discord server.

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